P2P Global Network membership plans provides financial stability by replacing a portion of your salary in the event you lose your job.
Yes, you may still receive P2P Global Network benefits if you are receiving your government benefits.
P2P Global Network membership plans pays a one-time lump sum payment. P2P Global Network membership plans do not pay past the one-time lump sum payment.
No, you will not receive a second lump-sum payment once you have been paid for this incident of unemployment.
With P2P Global Network plans, there is no need for you to file an appeal. P2P Global Network pays on every request as long as you have met the simple requirements to be eligible for benefits.
No, you will not be required to pay your renewal plan until you have updated your new employer on file. At that moment you will be prompted to choose a plan.
No, there is a six-month initial waiting period from the effective date of your first 3-month plan purchase. If you become unemployed during this period and are not in an area declared a disaster area by your local authorities, you may not receive any payments. However, you may request a refund in writing.
You can expect your payment in as little as 24 hours from your request date.
No. If you have multiple employers, you may only receive payment from one employer separation.
Yes, your membership plan is transferable to your new employer. However, you will need to update your new employer in your profile. Note: It is your responsibility to update your current employer information to avoid nonpayment.
P2P Global Network membership planswill help you achieve financial stability by meeting your basic needs of life in the event you become unemployed. It can be difficult to meet basic living expenses and financial obligations, food, shelter etc… on governing body unemployment benefits plan alone. Though your governing body unemployment systems are designed to assist in these areas, they still fall short to the amount needed to meet your basic needs. P2P Global Network membership plan closes the gap between governing body unemployment benefits and your prior salary,Soin the event you become unemployed, you are still able to meet your basic needs, without exhausting your personal and retirement savings.
No, you must be currently employed to purchase a P2P Global Network membership plan and participate in our community benefits.
Yes, you are under no obligation to P2P Global Network services and may cancel at any time.
Yes. P2P Global Network membership plan are designed to works in conjunction with your governing body unemployment benefits. As P2P Global Network recognize that there are many different factors that could apply to why you my not receive your governing body unemployment benefits.
Currently you may request to be paid in USD currency. We are working to integrate payment in other fiat currencies.
You can receive from $200 - $9,000 in a lump-sum payment depending on your membership level.
P2P Global Network pays on any unknown situation causing you to become unemployed. Examples: Layoff, unknown medical conditions, emergency relocation, and more!