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Your membership pays you in the event you become unemployed. “Peer 2 Peer (P2P) Global Network pays you in one lump sum up to your membership max. You may use your payment on any of life necessities to meet your basic needs.

What can I use my lump sum payment for?

Well! It’s your money, shouldn’t you spend it how you want?

What is covered?

Job Loss

  • Temination
  • Unexpected Layoffs
  • Business Closings


  • Unexpected Medical Leave
  • Disability

Natural Disaster

  • Authority Recognized Disaster Area

Note: All request must meet the minimum time off work of thirty plus (30+) days without pay, and must not include a reason for jobless that was known a minimum of six (6) months prior to the initial start date of your membership. Please read terms and conditions for specific situations.